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Hi Vis

Cam Sigler Hi-Vis Backing

We wanted to develop a high quality, low stretch, small diameter backing with high visibility. With the expertise of Cascade Crest Tools we were able to create Hi-Vis backing. With Cascade's patented braiding capabilities they braided a hi visibility backing that has almost no stretch. The florescent pink color will not bleed but more importantly it gives the Angler and Captain a very visible reference to the line while fighting and backing down on blue water species. It lies on itself without undercutting, ties and holds knots well and due to the braid being round will not cut as some of the “Super” backings will.

Hi Vis Backing avail in 200 or 400 Yard spools of 40 Lb. Larger bulk spools available upon request.

High Vis:

Price Per Yard: $0.33

Bulk pricing avail on request.